About the Artist

Many consider Richard MacDonald to be the world’s preeminent living sculptor. A leading advocate of the neo-figurative movement in the arts, MacDonald believes that beauty connects people and lifts their spirits to a higher level. He has dedicated his career to creating passionate works of art that dramatically enrich the lives of others.


MacDonald's work has been featured in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions and is represented in important collections worldwide. His art is collected by people from all walks of life—from aspiring art aficionados, and celebrities, to heads of state.


A member of major international social and art associations, MacDonald has received countless awards, honors, and professorships, including recognition by the United States Olympic Committee for his monumental work for the l996 Summer Olympics, “Flair Across America”. He has the privilege of working with the greatest dancers and performers in the world, including those from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet, and Cirque du Soleil, where MacDonald has created some of his most iconic works. 


Sculptor. Innovator. Inventor. Richard MacDonald is all of these and more—a consummate artist whose works serve as stunning reminder of the good and the beautiful that life has to offer.


For Richard MacDonald's Master Works collection please visit: www.richardmacdonald.com