About Atelier Richard MacDonald

Atelier Richard MacDonald is dedicated to offering the highest quality art for discriminating collectors around the world. This collection presents a contemporary portfolio of cross-cultural vibrancy that emerges from the historic concept of the artist’s Atelier, or working studio. Traditionally a gathering place for artists, writers, performers and apprentices all centered around a master artist, sculptor Richard MacDonald revisions the ‘Atelier’ in his pristine modern studio in the hills of Monterey.

By offering this exclusive collection to our online boutique customers, Atelier Richard MacDonald continues the tradition of museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty, and the Musee d'Orsay. We ship art and sculpture for collectors seeking the finest quality works, both domestic and international.

Here at the Atelier Richard MacDonald online boutique, you are invited to look closely at an Atelier sculpture collection inspired by Richard MacDonald's masterworks. Using time-honored lost wax methods, each Atelier sculpture is cast in bronze and finished with meticulous attention.

The Atelier Series offers new and seasoned collectors alike the legacy of Richard MacDonald's artistic vision. Each unique sculpture is signed, numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

At right, Sculptor Richard MacDonald at work in his Monterey Studio.

Sculptor Richard MacDonald at Work