Art lovers should be the easiest people to buy gifts for since our world is full of amazing creative talent. But, in reality, it can be quite difficult to know what to purchase year-after-year. If you’re one who always tries to top last year’s gift, then you’re searching for a surprise that is different and unique – something they will swoon over.

If you’re striving to find that unique gift, something really special for the art lover in your life we hope you’ll find some inspiration in our list.

1. Art Class. If your art lover appreciates bronze sculptures, send them to the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA where they can take a foundry class and learn the lost wax process to create sculptures. There’s an introductory course called Intermediate Bronze Casting as well as a Beginning Bronze Casting class.

Pratt Fine Art Center offers a variety of fine art related classes and even features Master Classes. After the class, your art lover can visit Chihuly Garden and Glass for an exquisite view of work by artist Dale Chihuly.

Local Option. Not in Seattle and a trip not in the budget? No worries, simply look for an art class experience in your area. If you’re not near a big city, look for a college or university near you. Simply Google “art classes near me” and you might be pleasantly surprised at your options.

2. Art Weekend. Your art lover may be less about creating art and more about appreciating someone else’s work. In that case, why not schedule a fabulous weekend focused on The Art Institute of Chicago or New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Both cities offer a myriad of art museums, exhibitions and, art galleries. You can create a weekend or an entire week of art immersion for a gift they’ll never forget!

Local Option. There are fantastic museums and art galleries all over – yes, even in places like Indiana and Arkansas! Do a little research, add dinner and a hotel and you have a fabulous art-inspired weekend as this year’s winning gift.

3. Work of Art. We understand your particular art lover may simply prefer to receive artwork. This is where you simply can’t go wrong with Atelier Richard MacDonald. Inspired by the ballet, gymnastics, Cirque Du Soleil performers, and even golfers – his bronze figurative art sculptures are available in different patinas that will be sure to leave your art lover absolutely speechless.

Local Option. By searching for local artists you may introduce your art lover to someone they didn’t even know about. Order online. With the sophistication of e-commerce, sites offer a rotational view and close up of view so you can really get a feel for the artwork before you buy it. You can always call and talk to a gallery representative if you need additional images or information to feel comfortable before making a major purchase.

4. Theatrical Performance. Our list wouldn’t be complete without including a trip to Las Vegas and tickets to a Cirque du Soleil performance. Cirque has been mesmerizing audiences for over 30 years and even if your art lover has seen a number of shows -- there’s a good chance there’s a new show they haven’t seen yet!

Known for their exquisite costumes, breath-taking acrobats, and jaw-dropping staging, this is indeed a unique experience that will easily go in the books as one of the best gifts ever for an art lover. While you’re there, you can actually hit #3 on this list at the same time because Richard MacDonald’s sculptures are featured in the lobby of the O theatre.

Local Option. Buy tickets in the nearest city for a night at the theatre or the symphony. Experiences are a wonderful way for your art lover to share their love of art with you. From the San Francisco Ballet to the NYC’s The Met, you can find amazing talent across the country in every large city.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think of a something new and when the next birthday or anniversary rolls around, you can select another one of these great selections. With the four options we provided, you should be covered for at least two years’ worth of gift ideas for your art lover!