Whether you’re an art lover or someone who simply appreciates beautiful works of art, there’s no better way to surround yourself with beauty than by showcasing pieces of art in your home. Even if you love figurative sculpture, you will still want to adorn your walls with paintings and photographs.

Having a well-rounded art collection not only adds to the overall beauty of your home but often art enhances other art creating an exquisite environment for you to live.

So what types of art should you own? Well, we believe every well-appointed home should feature these three pieces of artwork.

1. Painting. It really doesn’t matter if you prefer oil over acrylic or portrait over landscape – A gorgeous original painting in a prominent area of your home exudes individualism and good taste. If you have a large blank wall in a dining or living room, why not purchase a painting that will not only complement your décor but will be a conversation piece as well.

2. Photography. Photographers who have a unique perspective have the ability to capture people, places, and objects in extraordinary ways and their images bring depth to any space. Whether you showcase a cluster of small photographs or prefer a dramatic, single black and white photograph – professional photography can change the dynamic of an entire room.

3. Sculpture. There’s something about sculpture that simply exudes excellent taste. Showcasing a bronze sculpture in your house will instantly elevate your home from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From the simple fact that it is rarer to have a piece of sculpture in your home over a painting, to the fact that sculpture is highly personal – one’s taste in sculpture may well be even more indicative of your taste than even a painting or photograph. If you already feature artwork on your walls it’s time to look into purchasing bronze figurative sculpture which is both contemporary and timeless.