2017: Magnus Opus

6 - 7 October 2017

"It is not merely a "show" in the usual sense of the word.  I am breaking down the barrier that stands between the artist and the public--it has never been done before. My career has been about breaking down barriers--reviving emotively potent figurative work, and reinstating the beauty of the human form in a time when such values in art were all but lost.  This one evening in October will bring you into the creative hub of my world. I have flown in performers, dancers, musicians and acrobats from all over the world so you can see the sources of my inspiration come to life. I will be presenting over 20 magnificently lit Heroic bronze sculptures and a collection of rare early works--pieces fashioned in precious metal, hand-painted and unique.  My own museum worthy art collection will be on display, as yet another window into the influences that nourish my creative life. Let's celebrate together: a triumphant night of art and humanity."  - Richard MacDonald


Richard MacDonald opened his studio and foundry in Monterey, CA to the public for a landmark and unprecedented exhibition of his heroic sculptures entitled Magnus Opus.


The title of the show, meaning "large and important," perfectly described this historic collection of twenty larger-than-life bronze sculptures which had been gathered, under one roof, in addition to almost four decades of the artist's work. These works are known as "heroic" for the grandeur of their scale created by MacDonald to fulfill his own creative vision, many of which have taken 8-10 years each to complete.