The One Drop Foundation and Atelier Richard MacDonald

Atelier Richard MacDonald participates in the work of the One Drop Foundation with two Special Edition works created to support One Drop, Guy Laliberté’s non-profit organization supporting universal access to water.

In 2014, MacDonald donated a unique white gold leaf sculpture of Leap of Faith valued at $325,000. In 2013, he donated a gold leaf sculpture of Blind Faith that sold for $275,000 with all proceeds going to One Drop. He has also released a special platinum Blind Faith Atelier in an edition of 196: a reference to the 196 countries that, through the efforts of One Drop, receive the life-changing benefits of safe water. - See more at: Richard MacDonald Studio

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At right, "Blind Faith One Drop in Gold Leaf", bronze sculpture overlaid with gold leaf, by Richard MacDonald.

Blind Faith One Drop in Gold Leaf by Richard MacDonald